Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served daily, with soft drinks and snacks available throughout the day. There will be a variety of food on offer using fresh and locally sourced ingredients catering to all diets and tastes. If you have any concerns or major food allergies, please let us know at info@adventuresinwonderland.com so we can ensure you will be well fed! 

Mars Island is a dry environment. Alcohol will not be sold at the event and is not permitted on the island. Please see our RULES and Terms and Conditions for our alcohol policy and further details.

You may bring a limited quantity of outside food and non-alcoholic drinks for personal consumption. For anyone checking in on Thursday, August 18 for Early Entry, we recommend eating lunch prior to boarding the ferry as food service on the island does not begin until dinner.


We prioritize the welfare of everyone on site. Should you feel the need to speak with someone, please visit our Info Desk or the medical center to receive support.